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When it all just CLiCKs       


Some feedback from people I have worked with:

Chris McFadden - Occupational Therapist for Penine Care NHS Foundation Trust

"Clare is an excellent interpreter. She always fosters an incredibly smooth interaction between me and my patients. She is always professional and a pleasure to work with."

Giulia Brugnetti, Conference Interpreter and Translator

Listening to Clare interpreting into Spanish is a real pleasure. No trace of her native language is noticeable, she masters Spanish pronunciation as if it were her own with next to no trace of English being perceivable, something which is very rare with two very different languages. It's not surprising that her clients shower her with compliments for her excellent work: Clare is a true builder of linguistic bridges which are both fine and solid at the same time where even the smallest of nuances are retained, all so that communication becomes so natural that it almost seems as if the interpreter has disappeared.


Sophia Regitsa - Translation and Localisation Professional.

Clare is a skilled, detail-oriented and reliable language professional who has been helping me with a personal ongoing project. It's been a pleasure working with her."

Daniella Bunoiaca -Romanian Translation, Interpreting and Localisation.

"I highly recommend Clare. She is a passionate interpreter with an amazing work ethic. She is highly skilled and will do amazing for any project."

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